The CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) was founded in 2000 by a small group of CEOs. The main objective was to create a forum through which industry leaders within the Tanzanian private sector could constructively engage with government, its development partners, and other stakeholders with a view to creating a more conducive environment for business to prosper and for the country to develop.The founders recognized that as much as there was intent on the part of the government to allow the private sector to lead the economic development process, continuing lack of political will would prove detrimental to the private sector’s active participation in the economic development of the country.

As a way of exercising positive influence on government policy, leadership within the CEO Roundtable took the initiative to organize dialogue meetings with a view to identifying the key obstacles to economic growth and developing solutions to the problems. These solutions and propositions would thereafter be discussed with the government in the spirit of public-private partnership.

This approach initiated by the CEOrt leaders resulted in rapid growth of the policy forum’s activities and increased visibility within the government. At this time, the Directors recognized the need for formalizing the policy dialogue forum thus the CEO Roundtable was formally registered under Tanzanian law as a not-for-profit limited by guarantee and without share capital on 21st February 2008.

The CEO Roundtable firmly believes that economic and political gains from the past two decades since Tanzania embarked on political reform can only be safeguarded if the public and private sectors continue to work together in forming strategic partnerships for sustainable development of the Tanzanian economy. In addition, through continued participation in policy forum discussions, the Tanzanian government is now starting to recognize that Tanzanian nationals must actively partake in the development of the economy. As we can learn from other nations who have not followed this path, ignoring the Tanzanian nationals can lead to catastrophic results. The CEOrt will capitalize on this newfound realization and work to propel the country’s economic growth forward.

The core functions of the organization include; Advocacy, Advisory, and Networking.