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Fact: Over 1 million species are at risk of extinction by climate change. With the increasing urgency of the climate change agenda, we recognize the opportunity for business leaders to take the lead in driving responsible climate action. We explored this important agenda in detail during the recent members’ engagement with keynote speaker H. E. David Concar, British High Commissioner. See more photos from the event here.

The scientific evidence on climate tipping points has become too risky to bet against as the growing threat of irreversible climate change creates a compelling story for political and economic action on emissions. The Government of Tanzania has committed to targeting 30-40% carbon reduction by 2030. So, what is the role of the private sector here? In decarbonizing our economies, there is an opportunity for business leaders to drive the climate change agenda by prioritizing environmental impacts. Recycle signs and garbage bins will not cut it – low-carbon transition creates opportunities for efficiency, innovation, and growth in business. 

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is less than a month away and never has it been more urgent to inspire immediate climate action. Collective efforts are necessary to make a measurable difference, and this is the time for business leaders to boldly step up and transform how we conduct business as usual to secure a cleaner and more resilient future.