Sustainable socio-economic development will only be attainable if the current corruption that has become commonplace in Tanzania is arrested. The state of corruption in Tanzania has reached alarming levels and impedes government revenue and re-distribution of wealth, supported by poor policies, which favour a few corrupt businessmen from both within and outside the country.

Furthermore, corruption directly adds to the growing national debt through corrupt procurement practices, which fosters a vicious cycle of continued reliance on donor funding and domestic borrowing. As these practices continue to line the coffers of corrupt individuals in both the government and private sector, Tanzanians continue to suffer the consequences due to inadequate funds to maintain existing public services or the inability to develop much needed public infrastructure to support the ever-growing population.

Recognising that the country’s development efforts were continually undermined by corrupt leaders, the CEOrt made efforts within the media and through various forums to highlight the debilitating effects to the country’s long-term economic development should the corruption trends continue unchecked. The CEO Roundtable’s efforts were recognised by the President’s Office, Ethics Secretariat and throughout 2014 and 2015, the CEOrt worked in collaboration with the Ethics Secretariat to put in place a National Integrity Pledge for Public Leaders, Public Servants and Private Sector. The National Integrity Pledge was launched in August 2015 and the highly publicized event was an important first step in the fight against corruption. The CEOrt is proud to have been selected by the government as the preferred private sector partner for the implementation of the National Integrity Pledge.

Following President Magufuli’s commitment to tackle corruption, the CEOrt is pleased to witness the government’s ongoing efforts to weed out corrupt individuals within the public and private sectors. However, winning the fight against corruption will take time and patience and the CEOrt is committed to supporting the government’s efforts to win the fight against corruption.

All leaders within government and the private sector must be transparent and made accountable for their actions. A zero tolerance approach to corruption must be adopted.

Please join in the fight against corruption by signing the National Integrity Pledge today!

Following a statement made by the new appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr. Hassan Abbas, where he asserted that the ministry will not sign a business contract with any service provider who has not signed the Integrity Pledge Form – BRELA.

Thus, the CEOrt encourages you to sign the Integrity Pledge Form.