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Blue Amber Zanzibar

Grant Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Grant Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Amber, is a highly driven project phase specialist within the property development sector – whose passion is for the establishment and successful nurturing of new ventures.

Blue Amber is the largest resort development of its kind in Africa and is recognised as a strategic investment project in Tanzania. The development will feature leading global hotel brands, luxury residential homes, world-class amenities and East Africa’s first Signature Championship golf course.

Anderson, who graduated with a degree in business management studies, joins Blue Amber after a successful career in the hospitality and travel sector – which includes a decade as an entrepreneur running his own private safari and African tour company. The allure of working at Blue Amber and the exciting opportunities this position offers has drawn Anderson back into the corporate management space.

Years of working and travelling in America, Canada, the Middle East and East Africa, coupled with his management experience and career passions have well equipped Anderson with the innovative and adaptive thinking, as well as the resourcefulness and interpersonal skills required to handle the differing challenges, cultures, and requirements that his role as CEO of Blue Amber demands of him.

Results-driven and task orientated, with a focus on setting and achieving end goals effectively and speedily, Anderson is the perfect person to lead Blue Amber forward successfully. The high value he places on achieving the correct end results, and his ability to see the bigger picture, and to drive others to perform at their best is a valuable asset to the Blue Amber management team.