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The CEOrt is a strong community of Chief Executives from over 200 leading companies in Tanzania, cutting across multiple sectors of the economy with a shared purpose to enhance our impact in leadership and the country’s sustainable development and prosperity. Collectively, members of the CEO Roundtable contribute over 40% of taxes collected by the Government of Tanzania. In addition, members contribute significantly to Tanzania’s economy through employment, capacity building, technology transfer and skills development; all critical to ensure continued and strategy investment for the country.

Our History

Founded in 2000 by a small group of CEOs, on the ethos of Ethical Leadership for Growth and Prosperity, the main objective was to create a forum through which industry leaders within the Tanzanian private sector could constructively engage with government, its development partners, and other stakeholders with a view to creating a more conducive environment for business to prosper and for the country to develop. The CEOrt remains committed to working together with the Government of Tanzania to deliver on our collective objective of driving the country’s sustainable economic growth to enhance a better and friendly investment environment and has been positioned in the center as a driver of Foreign Direct Investment.

The CEO Roundtable continues to advocate on behalf of an improved business environment to ensure the private sector remains well-positioned to help Tanzania achieve its long-term economic objectives. The collaboration between the Private Sector and the Government has continued to enable the development of policies that ensures engaging and working together to increase both local and foreign investment while enhancing a friendly business environment in the country.