The CEOrt acknowledges the guidance and support of the CAP Committee for their stewardship of the CAP initiative.

The CEOrt Chairman recognizes the role of Hon. Mavunde in the development of the CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP).

CAP Candidates (Cohort 1) attended their 2nd Knowledge Forum at the Strathmore Business School Campus in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Tanzania is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Driven by exciting investment opportunities within key economic sectors; mining, construction, agriculture and manufacturing, the countries growth momentum is projected to increase in strength in the long-term. Tanzania’s rapid growth, combined with inadequate investment in human capital has created a shortage of local human talent with the right blend of strategic leadership acumen and skills to assume critical roles at the C-suite level.

The CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP) is a 12-month leadership Programme spearheaded by the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania and Strathmore University Business School (SBS). The Programme is designed to identify and attract experienced Tanzanian executives within the public and private sectors with a career path towards becoming senior executives. Through training, coaching and mentorship the CAP Programme’s key objective is to create a future pipeline of highly competent, experienced and visionary Tanzanian executive leaders that are ready to graduate to CEO positions within the region and beyond.

Core Developmental Interventions

Knowledge Forums

This academic element of the Programme is delivered in a classroom setting, Knowledge Forums provide CAP Participants with a unique collaborative space to create a knowledge community in which they are able to share ideas and data, organize their course materials and discuss and analyze research texts and course work.

SBS Personal Development Coaching

SBS offers personalized executive coaching to its internal programs, alumni and external clients. The trained coaching staff consist of personnel who have backgrounds in psychology and focus on an individual’s self-awareness and leadership attributes.

Business Simulation

This course builds on and integrates the functional core areas of business (R&D, Marketing, Operations Management, Accounting, Finance, HR and Organisational Behaviour) and allows Participants to understand and get a hands-on experience on how organisations achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage. ​


CEO Coaching Sessions

The Cohort is assisted in navigating the challenges within their organisation and particularly in areas where they require greater expertise in managing business related challenges i.e.: leadership of change, organisational culture, stakeholder management, and personal/corporate how to position oneself for advancement.

Group-based Mentorship Sessions

On a monthly basis CAP participants are given the opportunity to spend an evening with a visionary leader as part of the group-based mentorship sessions. The objective is for the keynote guest speaker to share his or her leadership journey, experience and lessons learned.

Group Reporting

Participants are assigned a project to challenges them to find innovative solutions with high socio-economic impact, which addresses Tanzania’s most urgent challenges.

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