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Why Choose CAP?

CAP prepares its participants to fulfill multifaceted responsibilities, enabling them to build and lead competitive, high-performing organizations. Simultaneously, the programme guides them through personal exploration to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence, delving into the core of their experiences to strengthen their leadership capacities.

What Makes CAP Special?

Participants embark on an immersive experience where every aspect of the learning model
has been thoughtfully designed to foster growth.

Knowledge Forum

Through these forums you can immerse yourself in interactive sessions, promoting a vibrant knowledge-sharing community.

Business Simulation

Business Simulation course provides opportunities for participants to exercise judgment in complex decision-making scenarios.

CEO Coaching & Group Mentorship Sessions

In our CEO Coaching Sessions, you'll gain insights on leadership complexities, organizational culture, stakeholder management and more.

Socio-economic Project

Throughout the 12-month Programme, participants are tasked with designing a project that directly addresses critical socio-economic challenges in Tanzania.