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Ethical Leadership and Responsible Business

Sign the National Integrity Pledge today

Join in the fight against corruption by signing the
National Integrity Pledge today

Sustainable socio-economic development will only be attainable if the crime of corruption is arrested. The adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption recognized the need to rid the world of this crime that impacts the development of economies and attacks the foundation of democratic institutions. As a collaborative effort, Governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and citizens around the world are united in a fight against corruption.

A strong advocate for Ethical Leadership and Anti-Corruption, the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) has made efforts within the media and through various forums to highlight the effects of corruption on the nation’s growing economy, and joined efforts to promote the fight against this debilitating crime. The CEOrt worked in collaboration with the Ethics Secretariat to put in place a National Integrity Pledge for Public Leaders, Public Servants and Private Sector. Ms. Santina Majengo Benson, Executive Director of the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania, spearheaded the CEOrt’s Ethical Leadership agenda through the establishment of this pledge.

A commitment to ethical behavior goes far beyond signing the National Integrity Pledge. Within the Private Sector, business leaders have a key role to play in implementing a culture of integrity and ethical conduct. From leading by example to putting measures in practice that ingrain ethics in organizations, leaders can influence how others contribute to the elimination of corruption. The first step in resolving a problem is admitting it exists, and at the CEOrt, we firmly stand for ethical leadership and accountability to foster an integrous culture across society.

The Integrity Pledge is a formal and concrete expression of commitment to abide by ethical practices and to support a National Campaign on Ethics and War Against Corruption. A commitment to uphold ethical behaviour and anti-corruption principles, the National Integrity Pledge brought attention to the fact that corruption is not a problem limited to the Public Sector; it provided an opportunity for the Public and Private sectors to combine efforts in eliminating corruption in the country. Demonstrating the CEOrt’s stance for ethical leadership, 100% of our members have signed the Pledge.

The efforts to build a culture of integrity are heavily supported by the Government of Tanzania that calls for adopting a zero tolerance approach to corruption, and it reinforces the need for transparency and accountability across all practices an organization engages in. Whilst it may take time for the nation to win the fight against corruption, these stringent moves are a great start and further encourage the ongoing support of a cause that underpins Tanzania’s socio-economic growth prospects.