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Programme Modules

CEO Apprenticeship Programme

What Makes CAP Special?

At CAP, participants embark on an immersive experience where every aspect of the learning model has been thoughtfully designed to foster growth. Learning occurs individually, within groups, and in the broader setting. The CAP Curriculum integrates knowledge forums, immersive business simulations, personalized CEO coaching, invaluable mentorship, and executive coaching to equip you with the skills, insights, and network necessary to excel as a leader.

Knowledge Forum

Through these forums you can immerse yourself in interactive sessions, promoting a vibrant knowledge-sharing community. You will get a chance to collaborate, discuss, and analyse research texts to expand your horizons.

Business Simulation

Conducted through a virtual simulation module, Business Simulation course provides opportunities for participants to exercise judgment in complex decision-making scenarios. This experiential learning course builds on and integrates the functional core areas of business (R&D, Marketing, Operations Management, Accounting, Finance, HR and Organizational Behavior), allowing participants to gain hands-on experience, working to strengthen an organisation’s sustainable and competitive advantage.

CEO Coaching and Group Mentorship Sessions

In our CEO Coaching Sessions, you’ll gain insights on leadership complexities, organizational culture, stakeholder management, and the art of change leadership, positioning yourself for advancement. Additionally, the Group Mentorship Sessions, featuring visionary leaders each month, offer opportunities to explore their leadership journeys, gain valuable insights, and learn from their experiences.

Socio-economic Project

Throughout the 12-month Programme, participants are tasked with designing a project that directly addresses critical socio-economic challenges in Tanzania. The challenge is to find innovative solutions with a substantial impact while ensuring the project’s sustainability extends beyond the end of the Programme and graduation. This unique opportunity empowers you to make a lasting difference by innovating for high-impact change.

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