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Mentoring the Future

The art of passing knowledge and expertise through a mentor relationship stands to create a meaningful impact and enhance the path a mentee is on. Organizations worldwide offer mentorship sessions as part of their internal talent development processes, with the move yielding benefits for both parties by building connections. Our flagship leadership programme, the CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP), involves monthly mentorship sessions where participants are given the opportunity to spend an evening with a visionary leader and cover specific leadership themes that are aimed at sharpening the participant’s leadership development. The objective is for the keynote guest speaker to share his or her leadership journey, experience and lessons learned. Therein lies the power of mentorship – being future leaders, the participants are able to learn directly from others who have been on a similar career journey before, navigated various situations, overcome challenges, learned from their experiences and are now able to share the knowledge they acquired along the way.

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We are keeping the ball rolling, as more mentorship sessions are already lined up for the first quarter of

Tanzania’s growth trajectory has never been brighter and leadership is the cornerstone that will ensure we remain in the forefront of Africa’s evolution journey.

Be part of this incredible journey by nominating your candidate for this exemplary leadership initiative.

The application window for Cohort 3 is now open.

The application link is available here.