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Unpacking the Role of Media in Driving the Climate Agenda

As part of the awareness and Capacity building efforts Under the CEOrt’s Business and Sustainability agenda funded by IUCN. Our objective is to empower business leaders and key stakeholders with the relevant knowledge to make informed decisions in their sustainability journey. Supporting the national NDC’s 30-35% economy-wide emissions reduction target ranges for 2030 is a crucial component of our sustainability efforts.

Recognizing the critical role of media as communicators and disseminators of information, CEOrt, in partnership with IUCN, hosted a media workshop titled “Unpacking the Role of Media in Driving the Climate Agenda.”in February 2024. This session was facilitated by  Journalists’ Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET). CEOrt aims to strengthen collaboration and partnerships with the media to ensure our collective efforts effectively address these critical issues.