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The CEOrt hosts member-inclusive engagements with Government and Development Partners, and facilitates Private Sector partnerships for sustainable development. The meetings provide an opportunity for peer to peer engagement, learning, networking, leadership insights, knowledge sharing and advocacy.

Thought Leadership

The CEOrt monthly engagements incorporate valuable thought leadership sessions with dialogue on topics critical to sustainable development, not just for the Private Sector but the nation as a whole.

Knowledge Forums

Through dialogue with Government leaders, foreign dignitaries, renowned authors and revered global business leaders, the monthly meetings offer members the opportunity to gain unique insights and enhance leadership capacity.


Recognizing that “your network is your net worth”, the CEOrt facilitates networking sessions during all member meetings to encourage meaningful connections and engagement.

Policy Engagements

Through direct interaction with the Board of Directors and member meetings, the CEOrt facilitates dialogue with Government leaders within key ministries to promote awareness of the CEOrt, its initiatives and alignment on Government priorities.