Renowned for its rich biodiversity, Tanzania boasts extensive conserved areas – over 43% of total land area. Biodiversity provides critical ecosystem services for both communities and businesses. However, there is an increasing threat to Tanzania’s biodiversity due to the rapidly growing population and economic activities. Furthermore, recent news reports have demonstrated the detrimental effects wildlife poaching, dynamite fishing and depletion of water resources have had on Tanzania’s biodiversity and ecosystem.

Recognizing the importance of mainstreaming the biodiversity and sustainability agenda within businesses in order to counter these potentially long-term adverse effects to the nation’s biodiversity and in line with the organisation’s agenda of promoting corporate sustainable practices within biodiversity conservation, the CEO Roundtable has partnered with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) SUSTAIN Programme to present the business case for greater private sector engagement in biodiversity.

The IUCN Sustain Programme works to transform the way businesses manage and invest in nature, highlighting the opportunities and benefits of a more sustainable approach towards conservation.

The key objective is to align government conservation policies and strategies within the business agenda in order to develop a concrete and actionable biodiversity agenda, which will produce tangible results.

The CEOrt in collaboration with the IUCN SUSTAIN Programme aim to:

  • Create an enabling environment for businesses to mainstream biodiversity into their business policies and practices;
  • Develop greater awareness on the role and impact of biodiversity and ecosystem services on businesses;
  • Enhance the capacity of businesses to assess and mitigate biodiversity and ecosystem related risks;
  • Encourage sustainability reporting for greater visibility to enhance the private sector advocacy efforts;