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CEOrt commits to policy dialogue to boost growth

The CEO RoundTable of Tanzania (CEOrt) has expressed commitment to facilitate policy dialogue and forming strategic partnerships between private and public sectors for catalysing economic development.

The CEOrt Executive Director, Ms Santina Majengo-Benson, said members have already expressed their commitment to fight corruption and uphold ethical behaviours.

“CEOrt significant growth and evolution is now resulting in the shift to new focus areas which will emphasise on ethics, policy and prosperity,” Ms Santina said during the CEOrt’s 2022 – 2025 strategy which focused on presenting their plans for sustainability and impact in their daily dealings in Dar es Salaam.

Also, the CEOs will engage government and other private sector groups with the focus of attaining meaningful policy discussions.

This, according to her, is anticipated to pave the way for meaningful and policy discussions to enhance the business and investment climate in the country.

“In the current climate change effects which are challenging the way we perform productive activities, CEOrt has boldly committed its members, leaders and the entire society at large to play an active role in reversing the damage caused to the environment,” Ms Santina said on Tuesday evening.

CEOrt has initiatives for zero carbon emissions by the year 2050, a move which must be motivated by consumers who must change their behaviour by demanding and choosing products that are produced using environmentally friendly means and tools.

The CEOrt represents CEOs from over 170 companies in the country cutting across multiple sectors of the economy with a shared purpose to enhance impact in leadership and the country’s sustainable socio-economic prosperity.

The executive director also highlighted that CEOrt will continue to mentor and nurture able future Tanzanian leaders through CEOrt apprenticeship programme.

This looks to strengthen an approach to elevate the capabilities and potential of able future Tanzanian leaders.

Source: Daily News