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Ridhaa Group

Hassanain Remtulla

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Ridhaa Group, a leading business group with interests in more than three continents.

Started Desynz, an online digital marketing business in London in 1999 with the aim to give clients increased visibility and exposure in the online market with the vision that one day, websites would be a necessity and not a luxury.

Soon after founded HBN Online, a comprehensive and unique online booking system which helped to serve the hospitality industry in both the UK and abroad. After 4 successful years this was sold to an organisation (Cannot be named as an NDA in place).

Passionate of innovation drove to seek out new opportunities in the world of digital marketing. By identifying a gap in the online market, set up new businesses in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi. These new ventures were Bizcongo and BizMalawi (which were later on sold to other entities in 2015 and 2017 respectively), CongoTrak, MonCongo and Mbongo Credit were set up in order to develop state of the art and brand-new technologies including vehicular tracking software, advertising platforms and mobile applications. With the success of these businesses, similar models are being developed for other African countries with the plan to
enable growing economies to benefit from modern technology.

With vast experience in the online industry, a decision was made to diversify and established an ice cream & juice factory named Malili in the DRC. Malili has broken the long-standing belief that products of quality and affordability cannot co-exist. Currently, Malili manufactures juices, ice
creams, ice pops and biscuits in the DRC and sources only the finest ingredients to ensure all its products are of impeccable quality whilst still being affordable for the general population. Built a successful business over nearly a decade and was bought with a significant value offered by an organisation which valued it due to its market strategy and structured presence which made competition hard.

Sold in Dec ‘21 Ridhaa Group is the umbrella company which oversees the many businesses that have been developed from scratch by Hassanain over the years. The core value is to continuously seek out opportunities to expand by identifying gaps in the market and for this reason, new and exciting projects are always in the pipeline.

A recent addition to the portfolio is the new company in Tanzania called WhizzTanzania to fill in all the gaps and bring a much more user friendly and value for money solutions for businesses to be found through the most recent and modern technology and platform.



Ridhaa Group

Ridhaa Group was founded by serial entrepreneurs Hassanain and Mona Remtulla, who to date oversee the day-to-day operations of the Group. At its heart, Ridhaa Group comprises of a diverse group of excelling team members from around the globe who are driven by the principle of wanting to improve their craft day-by-day. This fundamental goal has fuelled our success thus far and will, without a doubt, continue to encourage our growth even further.