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Steel Masters Limited

Shanil H. Patel


Shanil Patel completed his Business Degree in 2012 from Babson College in the USA. Upon returning to Tanzania, he joined his family business; Steel Masters Ltd. Initially a steel manufacturing company focusing primarily on steel sections; the business has evolved into production of high-quality reinforcement bars worthy of local and export consumption. Shanil’s active entry into the business has seen expansion of product lines, tradeable construction materials and regional reach. As an act of diversification, Shanil founded SunAfric Industries Limited in Uganda in 2017. SunAfric Industries is in the manufacturing of edible oils and agricultural exports.

On a personal note, Shanil enjoys the ocean and is an avid deep-sea diver, always searching for new depths to explore. His other passions are football (a fervent Man Utd supporter) and Formula 1. A book that he highly recommends is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight , wherein lies a wonderful quote that resonates with his persona:”You are remembered, he said, prophetically, for the rules you break” – Phil Knight, Shoe Dog