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Press release: Challenges within Tanzania’s Legal & Regulatory Framework

Dar es Salaam 11th July 2017: The CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) will host a roundtable
discussion at the Hyatt Regency Kilimanjaro Hotel in Dar es Salaam this evening.

Whilst Tanzania has performed better on the Ease of Doing Business Report, moving up 12 positions from 144 to 132 out of 190 economies from 2016 to 2017, Tanzania was outperformed by its regional counterparts with Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda ranking 115, 92, and 56 respectively.
The existing legal and regulatory framework continues to pose a significant challenge for businesses and deters foreign direct investment into the country. Many economic sectors are capital intensive industries with long project lead times, which rely on the predictability of a legal and regulatory framework for the duration of a project’s lifespan. Changes to regulation without engaging the private sector in consultative dialogue can have long-term devastating effects to existing projects and can also deter investors from bringing much needed Foreign Direct Investment into the country.

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