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A visit to the Taxman

Organised by TPSF, in early September, various representatives of the business community visited the offices of TRA’s Commissioner-General (CG) and Management for perceptive dialogue on a number of tax-related issues and how to improve the business environment.

Overall, it was agreed that the private sector would be included in the newly established Tax Reform Commission. Furthermore, fostering an environment of trust between the Government and Private Sector was high on the agenda. With this in mind, the TRA CG committed to addressing concerns with regards to corrupt practices brought to his attention. 

In addition, the meeting was a great opportunity for the CG to gain insights from the construction, agriculture, tourism, corporate, services, telecommunication, transport, and manufacturing sectors. The TPSF has prepared a comprehensive summary of the engagement that you may access here.

Having read through the summary, do you feel the issues in your particular sector were succinctly raised? Is there anything else you wish had been raised? Please share with us via