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Leading the Way to Leadership Excellence: Highlights from CAP 3 Graduation

In setting another milestone for the CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP), the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) proudly celebrated the graduation of the third cohort on Thursday, August 31st, 2023.

In setting another milestone for the CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP), the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) proudly celebrated the graduation of the third cohort on Thursday, August 31st, 2023. A collaboration with the Strathmore Global Institute, the specialised leadership programme continues to make progress in cultivating visionary leaders equipped with the skills to foster sustainable growth and to leave a lasting legacy.

At its core, CAP’s primary objective is to identify and attract seasoned senior executives on a path toward assuming CEO roles, thus nurturing a steady stream of capable and forward-thinking leaders for Tanzania’s future. Speaking at the event, Dr. Caesar Mwangi, the Executive Dean of Strathmore Global Institute, emphasised the profound potential for sparking Africa’s progress by dismantling barriers to knowledge transfer. While Africa possesses boundless potential, there is a notable gap between its current state and its true potential. However, these gaps represent untapped opportunities, and the continent is brimming with them. Each one of us possesses significant potential to contribute to bridging the development divide in Africa, underscoring the responsibility of the continent’s leaders in driving this change. Addressing the leadership gap in the country, CAP serves as a catalyst for nurturing ethical and transformative leaders as the driving force for positive change in Tanzania and beyond.

The CAP graduation ceremony marked a celebration of three years of a commitment to leadership growth and the pursuit of excellence. Past success stories include eight CAP alumni who now helm distinguished multinational corporations, the initiation and integration of noteworthy sustainable solutions addressing critical socio-economic challenges, and the consistent growth of female participation year on year. A key highlight of this cohort’s ceremony was the remarkable achievement where all recipients of the Top Achiever accolade in the Business Simulation module were women. This milestone not only reflects the programme’s unwavering commitment to promoting and celebrating female leadership but also stands as a powerful testament to the exceptional talent and capabilities of women in leadership roles. We applaud the achievements of these Top Performers by Functional Areas: Human Resource: Ester Manase – Stanbic Bank Tanzania, Operations: Linda Riwa – Vodacom Tanzania, Accounting: Doreen Kwayu – SportPesa Tanzania Ltd, and Finance / Strategy / Marketing: Shemane Amin – ALN Tanzania. These accomplishments highlight the significance of nurturing talent and visionary leadership.

Throughout the years, a series of significant milestones have shaped the evolution of CAP. One of the programme’s modules focuses on social impact projects, igniting innovation and paving the way for the creation and integration of impactful sustainable solutions that address critical socio-economic challenges. As pointed out by Mr. Jose Moran, Managing Director at Tanzania Breweries Limited and CEO Mentor for the 12-month programme, these projects showcase the impact extended through CAP to the broader community, aligning with Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025, and nurturing future African leaders with the continent’s transformation in mind. We congratulate Team Orbit (Edith Turuka – Ministry of Information Communications and Information Technology, Shemane Amin – ALN Tanzania Limited, Yassin Hussein – Tanzania Cigarette Company, and Kevin K. Dhillon – Primefuels Tanzania) who took home the award for the Top Social Economic Impact Project on their zero-waste initiative with the objective of presenting a compelling business case for responsible waste management and responsible consumption.

Another key component within CAP is the Business Simulation module, which offers participants invaluable insights and hands-on experience in mastering strategy and competitive advantages within organisations. The Business Simulation trophy awarded to Team Chester (Mohamed Seif – Oryx Gas, Doreen Kwayu – SportPesa Tanzania Ltd, Juliet Tibaijuka – Equinor AS, and Cliff Maregeli – TANESCO) stands as a testament to the programme’s unwavering dedication to equipping future leaders with the practical skills and knowledge essential for excelling in business strategy and execution.

The overarching message of leading the way to leadership excellence through the programme was reinforced from both a participant’s perspective and a seasoned leader’s viewpoint. The impact statements delivered by Ester Manase of Stanbic Bank Tanzania and Araman Benoit, Managing Director of Oryx Energies, emphasised the need to embed impact as a defining feature of one’s leadership journey. As we navigate the complex landscape of leadership development, it becomes increasingly evident that the continent’s leaders must recognize the significance of their behaviour, character traits, actions and decisions in shaping not only their organisations but also the broader communities and society they serve. By placing a deliberate focus on creating a positive and lasting impact, leadership excellence becomes not just a goal but a profound commitment to effecting meaningful change and leaving a legacy that extends far beyond the boardroom.

With the recent induction of our fourth cohort of CAP participants, we take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the invaluable supporters who have been instrumental in the programme’s success thus far. We applaud the dedicated sponsors of the third cohort of candidates whose support made it possible for the aspiring leaders to receive transformative experiences, the esteemed mentors who offered invaluable wisdom in shaping the future of leadership, the panels of judges who leveraged their expertise to ensure that the most promising ideas received recognition and support, and the CAP committee for an unwavering commitment that drives the programme’s success from design to execution. Our collective mission to pave the path towards leadership excellence continues.